Digital Fundraising Support

for the charity sector


Our expertise lies in enabling your charity to build a multi-channel digital fundraising infrastructure helps you convert more donors.



By driving the right traffic to your website and then evaluating and responding to audience behaviour, we can ensure more visitors become long-term donors.



Our role is to listen, to understand, to advise and ultimately deliver an effective fundraising operation which is delivers measurable and scaleable returns.



We handle strategy, design, execution and management of digital campaigns that deliver better retention and year-on-year growth.


How it works




FACT – Successful digital fundraising is a core, essential component for long-term, measurable and sustainable growth. Charities with well-thought-out strategies, which are executed effectively, consistently and unfailingly achieve higher donation and retention rates. We take the time to understand your organisations strengths and weaknesses, your short-term and long-term objectives and your audiences and this translates into long-term success for everyone.

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FACT – Hendrix Media helps you send the right messages at the right time so more of your donors stay with your charity for longer. As our campaign evolves, our data analysis begins to reveal which audience segments are responding so we can review and adapt our approach which in turn improves the results.




FACT - Digital Fundraising can help you see some returns quickly and you can establish the basis for a long-term infrastructure within months. This phase confirms the overall strategy and the formulation of the specific delivery mechanisms and channels. We’ll delve into the detail of your campaign – from the creation of content such as landing pages or digital adverts, setting up social media posts, and testing email creatives designed to attract your target audience.

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FACT – Hendrix Media helps charities to manage donor profiles and life cycles with lower acquisition costs. Again, the more you know, the more you control. Understanding the data returns from your digital fundraising campaigns allows you to analyse those aspects that are most effective for maximum fundraising returns and determines essential strategic or operational changes.

The first stage

Our objective is to create a bespoke digital fundraising campaigns with high impact visuals and messages that reach the most appropriate audience. We’ll meet with your team, and, working within your existing framework, establish your objectives and together create a fundraising strategy and action plan for the full year. We’ll identify the target audience which is most responsive to your campaign and charitable aims, then test your technical infrastructure on a ‘fit for purpose’ basis. We’ll provide valuable advice and recommendations to ensure weaknesses are eradicated prior to campaign launch. In short, we’ll encompass content creation, design, testing, broadcasting, analysis and regular campaign reviews. Some clients do see results within a few months but remember, your focus is on long-term sustainable returns on investment. 


“We initially commissioned Hendrix Media to deliver our email campaign, but it quickly became apparent we could use their skills in the development of our overall fundraising strategy. From the outset results were promising and have continually improved ever since.“ 

The second stage

Constantly reviewing and analysing the data is key to a successful campaign. Throughout this stage, we’ll constantly review and fine-tune our campaign and our approach to maximise the results. We continue to monitor visitors so we can what interests them and keeps them on your site for longer. We can re-market to visitors, segment and at the same time we set up automated, personalised user-journeys which draw audiences into engaging with you across multiple channels such as social media or through blogs and videos.  Throughout this period we’re building up a detailed picture of recipient behaviour that feeds into your longer term retention and growth strategy.


“Hendrix Media are consistently proactive, engaging and professional. They know the online market sector and have competent and reliable staff, who are always willing to help“ 

The third stage

It takes time to clarify the value of each donor and to understand their donation habits. Our role is to help you manage their profile and donation life-cycle to best effect so that one-off donors become regular donors. We’ll examine the levels of response, ideal reach times, responsive campaign designs, multiple platforming impact, SEO (search engine optimisation), your visibility to your audience, donation sources and a wealth of other information to inform your decisions. Our data analysis is a critical part of a circular rather than a linear process; it informs, advises and identifies opportunities for on-going development. It increases donor retention and lowers acquisition costs so you stay ahead of the game.


“Hendrix Media continues to add real value to our marketing strategy and growth planning, and we see them as an integral part of our team.“ 

The 3-Tier Level of Expectation

Building for
your future

Establishing a blueprint
for your success

Ensuring your continued 
year-on-year growth

Some examples

We undertook a detailed analysis of this Medical NGO’s existing infrastructure and objectives, before developing an email marketing campaign which has exceeded expectations for direct income and new donors every year since. We now provide a full-spectrum digital service encompassing email campaign management, content creation, social media, pay-per-click, display remarketing and website maintenance.

Our initial offering was focused on email-based donor acquisition and this evolved into consultancy to better identify the charity’s audience sector. We were then commissioned to project-manage their website upgrade, which helped to accelerate growth. Now in the fourth year of our relationship we continue to show year-on- year increase in income.

A national faith-based NGO requested support to re-launch its email fundraising strategy which was underperforming. In the first year we over-achieved their income and donor acquisition targets. We continue to work with them, supporting the client with website improvements, data development and on-going email campaign management.