Planning for Ramadan part III


If you’re up to date with your planning then great – this month you want to make sure that all the suppliers you’re using are in place, and you should probably have signed off your designs by now.

If you’re behind, then there is still time to get back on track.

Just remember that by the end of March your Ramadan plan really wants to be crystal clear. This allows you some room to test and your messaging and make refinements. Leave it any later and you’ll find yourself with an inconsistent or badly thought out approach with limited follow through.

Some important information regarding data availability for Ramadan 2017. 

Every Ramadan we help Muslim organisations to increase their income through a Ramadan-specific email package.

We do our very best to keep prices low, but the number of opportunities are still limited by data availability, so you have to act fast. Just so you know, last year we achieved an average open rate for all clients of just over 18%. Nobody else came close.

This year, our model works like this: We broadcast 3 HTML’s for to 40,000 email records throughout the month of Ramadan.

We take care of design and HTML-build (with best practice code), campaign setup, deliverability analysis, technical reviews, Spam checks and post campaign feedback.

Please bear in mind that we will require one weeks’ notice to purchase domains and to setup and test your broadcasts.

We can accommodate minor adjustments to suit your particular needs.

Prices have been reduced to £1,900 this year.

But we can only do this for 9 charities. Or less, if some charities buy multiple slots as usually happens.

These slots get booked quickly so please get in touch straight away to reserve your place.

This opportunity is only available to registered charities including mosques as well as private businesses.  Click here to email us if you’re interested.