Digital Support

for growing organisations

At Hendrix Media we create and deliver effective digital campaigns to help our clients build audiences and convert audiences.  

We are the biggest email campaigns provider for the UK Muslim sector.  Over the last 6 years we have delivered over 40 million emails and we help clients to raise millions of pounds for their businesses, charities and organisations every year.  

Our strategies are tried and tested, enabling clients to achieve better returns on investment, especially when aligned with a cohesive digital strategy.  

How does it work?


Our expertise lies in enabling your organisation to build a multi-channel digital infrastructure that helps you convert more audiences.


By driving the right traffic to your website and responding to audience behaviour, we can ensure more visitors become long-term customers and donors.


Our role is to listen, to understand, to advise and ultimately deliver an effective operation which delivers measurable and scaleable returns.


We handle strategy, design, execution and management of digital campaigns that deliver better retention and year-on-year growth.

Some examples

We have worked with this leading Islamic Bank for over 5 years delivering a comprehensive email solution to build audiences and convert audiences.  We continue to deliver returns year-on-year and as a result of our performance, the bank doubled up the work we do for them, resulting in the continued success seen to date.  

Hendrix has partnered with the charity across the last 5 years supporting in its growth to over £6m. As well as delivering a comprehensive email solution we have been involved in supporting the organisations development. One of the founders of Hendrix Media was privileged enough to be invited to the board of the charity over 3 years ago.

We run this charity for Pakistan’s Prime Minister, and have done so for over 5 years. We deliver an end to end service including strategy development, website maintenance, design and handle all digital fundraising channels. We directly helped to take the charity from less than £2m to its current level of approx. £6m per annum.