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We know small charities. Really, in fact, we’ve delivered successful digital fundraising campaigns for over a hundred small charities, just like yours, for over ten years now.

We’ve created our own advertising and audience platforms with algorithms developed over the years to target the right people for you. These are huge audiences, built up over time, made up of UK-based donors with a history of engagement with charitable causes such as yours.

By combining this detailed knowledge and expertise and with these in-house ad platforms and technology, we can provide a low-risk, cost-effective but super successful service to help small charities to punch above their weight, boost their digital fundraising ambitions and achieve their online growth objectives.

So, bottom line: we help you to reach more supporters, increase your visitor numbers, track and target visitors, improve your Google ranking and gain valuable insight and recommendations all for just £300 per month. Job done.

Over the year, we achieve average returns on this investment of between £3 for every pound spent (3:1) all the way up to over £20 for every pound spent (20:1).

We deliver an average increase of over 6,500 visitors for each client.

But just to be clear, we’re only counting clients that have been with us for at least a year. And we measure results over one year.

It’s also important to know that results will vary between charities because of reasons such as the quality of your website including the content and the overall user experience. But generally, the clients with the best results are invariably the ones that have been with us for longest.

Because good things take time.

When you get started, we plug you into our tools, set-up you up on our systems and make your campaigns live on our ad platforms. We research and identify the best audiences for your charity, and we continually refine the approach on an ongoing basis.

All this takes time: understanding and targeting your audience, factoring in seasonal fluctuations, and developing the very best approach and then finally delivering the most valuable recommendations for your charity won’t happen overnight.

But hey, after 6 months, we switch to a simple monthly rolling arrangement with the option to stop anytime by just giving a month’s notice. So it’s about as low risk as you can get.

Good point, well made.

Every month we provide you a detailed report which includes:

o A summary with all the activity highlights for the month along with a list of recommended actions for you to think about
o A breakdown of visitor numbers and impressions from mobile, desktop and tablet
o A list of your best performing keywords
o Key metrics covering previous 6 months, including clicks, impressions and click through rates
o Details of the best performing ads and ad types
o Our key focus for the new month

At the moment, we don’t provide direct log-ins to our central dashboard because it contains details of all clients, our audiences and our own insight and key learnings which we don’t share publicly.

But at any time, you can check these results using your own tools such as Google Analytics which will show you the increase in number of visitors to your website (and the sources), conversions, and improvements to your overall organic search engine rankings (SEO).

We’ve developed algorithms over time which help us to compile exactly the right keywords and search phrases that are relevant to you and your supporters. We can even target people who may be potential supporters as this helps to broaden your reach and strengthen your online brand presence in the longer-term.

We run multiple campaigns including generic on-going ones to protect your own brand keywords as well as others built around specific appeals & projects over the year which we direct to the right landing pages.

Depending on what’s working we create and use text, dynamic and even display ads to show across different Search Networks.

Yes, really! Because you’re a registered charity we can issue a VAT Exemption Certificate for you to complete so you won’t even have to pay VAT.

The price covers all the client and campaign set-up costs including the integration into our wider algorithms, on-going campaign management & optimisation; conversion tracking; performance reporting & recommendations.

Depends; for most clients we get them live within two weeks. Might take a bit longer but generally you’re on your way by the end of the first month.

We don’t really need too much from you to get you started. Invoicing details obviously, and if you haven’t run any form of online advertising before then we’ll set-up new accounts for you. If you already have accounts, we’ll arrange for access to these through you.

If you want to get going, then it’s simple: just send us your details using this contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

No problem, we raise over £23m every year for our charities, we can help you develop other routes and channels over time, when you’re ready. But let’s start here.



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